Sunday, January 20, 2008

Picture This! (and what MIGHT have happened...)

"Tea for two and two for tea...."

"One lump or two?"

"Hey, where's the lid to this teapot?"

*GASP* It's Missing!!

"Hmmm, let's think hard."

"Where did Violet have that last?"

"Where could it be? I've looked EVERYWHERE!"

"Now, here's a place I haven't looked. Violet has
been playing with this box all day---
she loves packing peanuts! Only problem is---it's
sealed up and ready to ship out!"

"What do you see? Is it in there?!"


"Look what's in here, Mom!"

"Yay! We found it!"

"We're so glad we have our teapot lid again--

---and didn't ship it back to NewEgg!"


Rachel said...

Love your matching outfits!! Great job with photographing the story! I loved it!!

Herb of Grace said...

Oh gosh, that's HILARIOUS!!