Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Violet is now a Pigtail-Wearing Girl! Her hair finally is long enough to put them in, and BOY! do they look super-cute! It also makes me choke up a little, because of how much older she looks with them in. 


She has grown so much in the last month, it seems she has a new word every day she's working on. Her list now includes the following:
Dog (Doh)
the corresponding "Woof-Woof" ("hm, hm, hm" with vigor, down in her chest) 

All Done ("aah doh")
Duck ("Dut")
Drink ("Jik")
See it ("Shit", unfortunately)
This (dis)
That (dat)
Tickle (dik-a-dik-a-dika)
Thank You (djah-chu)
Up (Uh!!)
Down (Dou!)

Pretty ("Pft-teh")
So (as in, "So pretty", only, she doesn't say them together. Just "Sooo" or just "Pft-eh")
...and as of this morning, Strawberry ("stch-buh")

All of this is just the BESTEST fun. She's become such a person, and is a total delight to be around. Her biggest concern these days is getting down a stair-step. It frightens her, and she has to be coaxed to make an attempt, even. It's kinda funny, because she goes right down it, no problem, once I push her over it. :) Just a lotta fear over nothin'!

Yesterday the two of us girls went and got coffee together. 
She got to walk all the way across the parking lot into the shop 
by herself (holding my hand) and wait in line for our latte 
like a Big Girl. It was such a fun experience! I love having a Girl
 all my own. :) Many thanks to my husband for leaving me with 
such a gift....at such an expense to him. 

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Rachel said...

She is sooo cute! I just can't wait until I can 'do' Emma's hair!!
Hmmm, drinking coffee already?? She does look like she's having fun! And so many words already! Emma still has just a few, but she's added two this past week. Not as many as Violet though!