Thursday, March 20, 2008

Random News

So this is just basically a news-y update, nothing deep and profound coming up. Sorry, faithful readers, to disappoint!! (haha)

So, truthfully, I have been making myself horrendously busy in order to keep from Loneliness seeping in again, since my husband left after R&R, and my friend, Denise's visit was also over. I am planning yet *another* trip back east. This time, for a friend's wedding in April. This time, Space-A flight is now available to spouses of deployed soldiers UNaccompanied by them---news flash---as long as they've been deployed for over 120 days. So, THIS TIME, I'll be flying for free, albeit slightly last minute, back to VA. Though it is free for me, a huge blessing, it is quite a bit of work making it all happen. I have to leave the 3rd of April, because that's the one day near to the 12th (the Wedding Day) that a flight is leaving this area.... and we will have to fly into an AFB, which is going to be in Norfolk, because that's where this one flight is headed. Then, all over again, coming back out west I'll have to start with the AFB from scratch. I have no idea when or to where I'll be flying. :D It's going to be an adventure. Of course, being that the flights are all direct, only 5 hours each way, makes it worth it all in the end. (with Violet in tow, that is)

Besides planning attire and travel for this upcoming trip, I've gone back to work for the Graves', babysitting 3 days a week, and continue teaching piano 1 day a week. Violet is just taking my breath away at how quickly she's growing up, talking, walking around, and getting into EVERYTHING. I find myself out of breath by about 4 PM every day, just begging and praying to make it through till bedtime. She's a pure delight, but it is tough keeping up with her MESS and her NEEDS all day long, while keeping a cheerful attitude, and being consistent with her training requirements --- in addition to my 2 jobs and just my "everyday busy-ness" (laundry, cooking, cleaning, bills, phone calls, etc.). 

Here are a couple of recent pictures of her, just to keep everyone up-to-date on the Scruffelmuffegus. 

Violet is a Blankie Princess!

                                               Loves her books....

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