Saturday, May 24, 2008

Comments on the Comments

So, my faithful friends, it has been a rousing discussion! Thank you all for your thoughtful comments, Ben & I have thoroughly enjoyed reading through your thoughts on this (and other surrounding) issue(s).

Just to clarify a point: when I originally posted the article by Mr. Bennett, I had had no previous exposure to his writings other than "The Book of VIrtues" for children. I wasn't even sure it was the same Bennett writing the speech about sheepdogs. I definitely, as some of you pointed out, was making more of a point about characteristics I saw in my husband than making any commentary on either the military, politics, or gun control. 

Everything "j" (who happens to be my brother-in-law) said about Bennett was true. I had no trouble seeing that once he pointed it out. Still, I maintain my appreciation for my husband's nature, which I saw so effectively painted in this speech about sheepdogs, regardless of the author's intentions when writing the speech, or his political motives when delivering it to a crowd of Seamen. I really do think God has given him a gift in this area.....something along the lines of "protector of the weak." 

Perhaps God puts a little of this "sheepdog" in every man, I don't know, but I definitely see an extra dose of it in Ben. I think the resulting Question, still unanswered by some of you is, "How far should this individual protectiveness extend into our community?" and "How does protectiveness look in my own family? Does it mean carrying a gun? Does it mean installing a home security system?" I think we all agree with Ben when he said, "I have no tolerance for those men that would stick their head in the sand and ignore the possibility of what violence may happen."

I would like to see what my readers have been mulling over in the past few days since the last postings. Bring on the comments! 

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