Saturday, June 21, 2008

Getting To Know Daddy

Lots of Tickle Time!

Jumping on Daddy's Tummy---best pastime of the year!

Lots of Cuddles and Kisses, too.

Book-reading is another HUGE favorite. Her appetite is ENDLESS for books! "Agin??Aginn??"

Ben cooking tuna steaks on his new wood smoker grill.

Bike-riding is a big Family Favorite. We've gone out just about every day since Ben arrived home.

Mt. Rainier is in the background, if you look closely.

We surprised a family of coyotes in a field on one of our rides. Look closely! The ones in the foreground are the cubs.


Denise said...

This is so precious! I was just thinking about you guys again, and how wonderful it must be to finally be a real Family! Love all the pictures!!! But you need one with all 3 of you too before time slips away!

Jenny said...

It's so good to see you ALL back together again!!! Thank the Lord that our prayers were answered in regards to Ben's health and safety. Hope we're able to get together with y'all some time this summer:)

Laurie said...

I'm so happy for you guys that you three are together again. It is SO SWEET to see these photos - I can't imagine what it was like for you all...both being apart and being reunited (my eyes are tear-filled even just to think about that for Myers, Lillian and I - you guys are strong souls). And, wow, we've got to get a bike seat (and fix our bikes) for Lillian...that looks like so much fun, however I don't think we'll get quite the same kind of wildlife scenery around here...that's crazy what you saw!