Saturday, September 20, 2008

Ben's Coming Home!

I'm sitting here waiting for The Call.......he told me last night that I was about to spend my last night alone for hopefully FOREVER. (he graduates next week, but until then he gets to come home at night.) Then he told me he had something planned for the weekend.....and would I please get a babysitter for Violet for the ENTIRE DAY tomorrow!!!

Wheeeee!!! :) I'm floating on air!! 

I have *NO* idea what he has planned, but I'm terribly excited to find out what it is. :):):)

Violet and I had a hard week this week, with no Daddy.....and kids here every day .......a 4-month old and a 6 year old. The 6-year-old I'm teaching to read (not to mention to obey, respect, and not terrorize my child and teach her naughty words), and the 4-month old, I'm teaching to SLEEP. :D Life is CUH-RAZY. Violet & I sat down and just criiied last night........she bumped her head on the floor, and I just realized the long week was over. :O


Herb of Grace said...

Hooray!! I'm so glad for you!

Dying to hear about what the day turns out to hold...

Jenny said...

Whoo hoo!!! How exciting! Can't wait to hear how you spend your first day together:) Unless, of course, it's not rated G -- then you can just keep it to yourself;)
Have a great time!