Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Isn't it GORGEOUS??

I'm totally in love with my new Dual-Espresso-Coffee maker, my new Cuisinart Burr Grinder, and best of all.........I love seeing WHOLE coffee beans displayed on my countertop. I think there's something sexy about coffee beans.....or is it just me?

The milk frother is just the absolute Bomb-Diggity. There's nothing so satisfying as watching that pure white milk become hot and frothy before your eyes, getting it to the perfect dryness, then drizzling the rich, dark crema-tinged espresso into the pure white foam, staining it and dissolving bits of airy milky-ness as it mixes oh-so-perfectly......! 


Oh yeah.............................I'm addicted.


Denise said...

Honestly, it's LOVELY!!! I wouldn't have thought of canister of coffee beans as being such a fabulous "decoration" - they do look, well, yeah sexy. The entire collection together looks "sleek" and quite fabulous.

Ah, your description of the gorgeous frothing milk, with the staining of the rich crema-topped espresso as you pour it into the cup is just motivating! I have GOT to make myself one in the next hour!

The best part about everything is the amazing deal you got!

BTW, one extra benefit to your milk frother is going to be making you, Ben, and Violet hot chocolate when those chilly PNW winter airs start to come through. The Swiss do that, and it makes for a very rich drink. Godiva is discontinuing their hot cocoas, so we bought some 1/2 price before J deployed and were doing that for a cozy nightcap.

The Cranberry Paper said...

Ugh! No fair. I wish I was all coffee trendy and what knot. They look like so much fun. Not to mention super yummy! :( I need to get out of my instant coffee rut. And like Denise said,...the best part is the great deal you got! That always makes it better.

Herb of Grace said...

Coffee snobs.... (mutter, mutter). My main goal with coffee is to get as much caffeine into my body as quickly as possible these days.

Take some pics of what you make with it!

Laurie B. said...

Mmmm Susi! It's all beautiful.

I got married and stepped into the world of freshly ground coffee everyday. I think if I brought home a bag of already ground beans, Matt would literally weep before me.

I think they have an amazing smell. I also would love to see pictures of what you make with that! Matt's latest....although it doesn't involve coffee or espresso, is frothing hot milk and adding a chai tea bag, then icing it. Chai iced tea with frothed milk on top. It's better than Starbucks, honestly!