Friday, November 21, 2008

A Lot On My Mind

We're looking at a lot of change coming up for us in the next year, and it's a little scary for me. The upheaval of the financial crisis (that they're now calling the "GLOBAL Financial Crisis") has been sending a lot of people I know scurrying back into the "dark ages" of not eating out, turning off the lights, staying home to save gas, quitting piano lessons, staying away from malls and movie theaters, and lots of frugal grocery shopping. I have to admit, Ben and I have more than once looked at each other and said, "Maybe we should just stay in the military." :(

I realize just how much we do take for granted the benefits of military life--cheap food (relatively, anyhow), free health insurance, a guaranteed paycheck, plenty of vacation days, guaranteed housing, free gyms, etc. It's going to be hard to go back to civilian life where one actually does have to rely on "supply and demand" to get him his food and clothing. It has even crossed my mind that I might have trouble finding students back east, as piano lessons may be one of the first things people "drop" when trying to stay within a strict budget. 

My husband is a steady man, and he trusts the Lord much better in his actions than I do. I tend to "feel" in my heart that I trust the Lord will not let us go homeless and hungry, but then I begin worrying about the logistics of jobs and money and insurance alongside the promises to God to trust in Him for everything. Good thing I have Ben to set an example for me.

Meanwhile, Violet is turning into a tiny young lady before my eyes. She'll be 2 in less than a month. It makes me think about having a second child.......once we're steady on our feet in Virginia, that is. Ya know, if you let it, everything can eventually come back around to money. :( I need to settle my mind and heart around the Word more and more and seek first the kingdom of heaven to prepare for this upcoming adventure called ETS-ing. Pray for us!

As an end-note, how are all of you readers of mine doing? How has the Financial Crisis touched your lives? What are you-all doing to cope?

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Toni said...

"everything can eventually come back around to money": how often I've come to that myself, always followed by the thought, "Is money God or is God God?" Can't be both. I like your conclusion.--Mom