Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Rain :(

Yes, folks, it's Rain Time. We can but gaze out the window into our back yard and watch the slide fill up with water, the steps up to the slide become slippery with moss, and wish it were summer again! 

We are doing a lot of indoor projects, instead. I'm learning to make a mean pizza crust (because somehow this dreary weather makes my husband crave pizza) while Violet is learning to read to herself. It's pretty cute hearing her little voice read portions from her favorite books: "Hello, little mouse, Oohhhh, I see. Whoo is gardin' it..."

I tried my hand at some sewing projects, and miserably failed. I ended up with like, a size 6X shirt for Violet, which I sewed up so screwily that the sleeves ended up being sewn from the front and back, and the neckline was totaly lopsided. A blue pile of cotton was what I ended up with. 

I'd far rather shop for bargains for 2 hours than sew something for two hours. :(

We had much more success doing party planning for Violet's 2nd Birthday party. She and Aedon are going to be 2 this December, and we're doing a shared party. They both love the "Red, Ripe Strawberry" book, so I did some sketching and made up an invitation.

We'll be celebrating with Gramma Sandy that week, too. She's coming out Dec. 8th, and will spend a week with us. We're very excited about that!! Love having visitors!


Rachel said...

We are having to come up with some indoor activities too. Emma LOVES play dough, do you do much of that? I think it would drive me crazy to have that much rain! I can deal with cold, at least you can bundle the kids and let them out for a few minutes, but rain - not much you can do there, especially if it's cold too.

Susannah Forshey said...

Violet EATS playdough. :P I wish they would make it not taste so yummy for kids. :(

Rachel said...

I guess that would be a problem. Emma hasn't ever tried to eat it, so it works for us. Hmm, how about that foam stuff? We found it at Target and the kids love it, it's little foam balls that stick together, way less messy than playdough. But I guess you might have the same problem with that too. Oh well.

Herb of Grace said...

Oh, I'm so glad she likes the little mouse book! Now you have to find "King Bidgood's In The Bathtub". That's another fav of Sofi's from Wood and Wood.

Denise said...

I love your drawing on the homemade cards, it's adorable!!! I wish you could market those, really Susi, they're much better than what's out there in most of Target & Wal-Mart & Hobby Lobby stores!