Sunday, December 14, 2008

Violet & Aedon's Birthday Party

Saturday we celebrated Aedon and Violet's Second Birthday! Violet helped me make cupcakes the day before:

Then on Saturday morning, she found THESE in the living room when she woke up!



We went to the Children's Museum to celebrate, and all her friends greeted her there, and she & Aedon played and played all morning! 
Even cousin Evie came up from Vancouver to play!

Aedon dressed as a Coyote

Pizza & Cupcakes---yummy!

Some Very Cool Glasses!





Denise said...

Well this explains the "cake and pizza" comment on facebook!

I can't believe Violet is 2 already. And yet, she seems so mature that I should be able to! What a doll! I'm glad Sandy was there to celebrate such a fun event! Lovely pictures too!

Rachel said...

Happy Birthday to Violet!!!

Balloons make any child happy! I almost think that sometimes that is the only present they need, especially at this age.

Herb of Grace said...

Oh yay! Bayooons! Judah would have loooved it :)

tess said...

Wow!!!!!! That last pic. is Little Susi at that age!!! I can't believe how much she looks like you, Sue. Man!!!