Thursday, December 4, 2008

Violet's Weekend

My last post about Violet and her "terrible twos" exhibitions was written during what turned out to be the prelude to sickness for her. She began running a fever with no other symptoms on Thanksgiving, and we tracked it, keeping it below 103, hoping it would just run its course, since the E.R. was our only option until after the holiday weekend. It spiked over 104 on Black Friday, and I treated her with some home remedies for ear infection. That failed to work, and by Monday, she was definitely tugging at her ear and saying, "Too Youd!"  every time I'd bang a pot or drop something or close a cabinet. I scheduled a Dr. appointment on Tuesday, after Monday night a rash showed up on her tummy, too.  I was told she had an ear infection, yes, but also a tiny staph infection on her ear where she'd been scratching and tugging at it. Not only that, she also probably had a viral infection (the tummy rash) that may or may not become serious--and could be a UTI. I am supposed to watch the rash, apply ointment to her ear, and dose her with 7 mLs of antibiotics per day. 

Since day 2 of the antibiotic she has been a TOTAL SWEETHEART! I don't know if the virus and ear infection were the root of the problem or just an added aggravation to her Terrible Twos, but......hey, I've been just floating on air with her wonderfully sweet, helpful attitude!! She "put me to bed" last night, told me, "Here, Mommy, lie down." and proceeded to stroke my hair and kiss me and sing, "Niiiight-niiight, Wuver." :D

It's amazing, the transformation! I don't know if this is going to be a lasting thing or not......but I sure am enjoying her right now. Oh, also---where she was running away, screaming, "No, no, no!" when she got hurt, now she either picks herself up quietly with a whispered, "Bonk" or she cries, and comes to me with gentle hugs and pats, saying, "Iss ok, 's ok" until it's over. SUCH a difference from before! The screaming has become history---and will hopefully remain that way.

We've also started being more careful about telling her we forgive her. We instruct her to say, "I'm sorry, Mommy" (or Daddy) after disobeying, and then tell her "I forgive you, Violet." and promptly move on to something cheerful. It has been amazing to see her attitude change from that......she seems just--relieved!

Anyhow....thanks for y'all's comments and letters. Shared experiences and advice---and compassion are much appreciated here!

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Denise said...

Aww Susi, I am so relieved and yet so saddened for poor lil Violet! She's sucha a sweetie, I cannot fathom see that poor little girl feeling so bad!!! I'm just SO happy she is on the mend now!

Thank you for telling us, as I had been praying for wisdom, thinking it was indeed a attitude/growing-up kind of stage. I pray it was just her feeling bad and it's over now!!

Miss you SO much!!! I know you must be cooking up some fun things for dinner.... You should share! You are so creative and health-conscious without sacrificing taste, I would love to get a peek into the Forshey kitchen this time of year!