Wednesday, March 18, 2009


So, you know when you're trying some new regimen for some ailment of discomfort, and you wonder, "Is this really working?" Here's a thought: Quit whatever you're doing for a while, and then see how you feel without it!

Right before Christmas, I began dosing myself with an acai berry blend, 2 oz. twice a day, to see if it might help my fibromyalgia symptoms improve. I was pretty sure I was doing better, and even mentioned it in a post a while back. Well, this month, I forgot to replenish my source, and ran out! I didn't panic or anything, just thought I'd let things play out and see how I felt without it, thereby proving to myself beyond any doubt that the supplement was worth the money I was spending on it.

Well, if you're interested, I haven't slept a full night's sleep in a WEEK---I'm lucky if I get FOUR HOURS, I have been back on pain medication (prescription AND Ibuprofin) at least 2x a day, and my 2 mile run time is down......way down. :( *sniff*


But at least I know it works!


Rachel said...

Yeah, you wonder, is this working? I know I do about keeping Emma off milk. But I know the only way to really find out is to let her have it again and see if she gets sick and all her symptoms come back. At that point I know that I am so happy with how healthy she is now, I would never want to risk it. Not worth it.

But glad you found out for sure!!! Now I guess you'll make sure you don't run out again!!! : )

Jenny said...

Awesome! Glad to hear you found something that works for you! Always difficult to prove stuff like that, so it's "nice" that you were given the "opportunity" to do it;) Get some more quick!!!

Denise said...

That is amazing. I've never tried the stuff, but heard a lot about it. I hope you can order more soon!

Joy G said...

Ah, no sleep is not fun :( Hope you get more acai and catch up on your winks soon!