Saturday, June 6, 2009

All Kinds of Kisses

Here's what went on last night at bedtime:

Ben and I knelt down beside Violet's bed on either side to say goodnight. I said, "Give me night-night kisses, Violet."


"Now give Daddy kisses"


Violet said, "I give you poh-ka dot Kitheth"

Daddy said, "How about Family polka-dot kisses?"

*kiss*kiss*kiss* kiss* from both of us, one on each side of her face.

She said, "Fam-lee But-uh-fahee kitheth" (butterfly kisses)

*blink*blink*blink* on both sides of her face from Ben and me.

Then, "Wooj yuu like......fam-leee slap kitheth?"

We paused, thinking, "What's slap kisses?"

We glance at each other questioningly, and then

*SLAP* 2 sticky little hands slap our cheeks simultaneously.



elisa said...


Joy said... should have seen that one coming! Too cute. I'm so glad you're back; we'll have to get together soon.

Hosanna said...

Too friggin' cute....