Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Missing Daddy

Ben's been gone just 4 short days, but it's felt like months. :( I'm amazed how my memory gets triggered back to those deployment days, and I just kinda forget he was ever home. That's bad, because back then, Violet was a lot smaller, needing far less attention and companionship. When I just let myself get busy, like I used to, she falls between the cracks, and I forget that she's a whole Little Person, who needs to be nurtured and taught and included in things. It's been a rough start for us, and a reminder of how much I need to learn and grow as a parent, and be open to the teaching of the Holy Spirit as her needs change. I pray God uses this time for good in Ben's life, too, and it doesn't fall flat for the kingdom of heaven. Times like these are hard to accept because they seem to have no purpose but just to "suffer through it." I want to try to pursue the face of God while Ben's gone, so that I can say, "At least I spent some really meaningful worship times, or bible study moments during separation."

The night before he left.

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