Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I just had to write about Judah, and his Uncah Ben.

Judah rode from Lynchburg up to Harrisonburg with Ben in the truck, during which ride, he would say repeatedly, "UNCAH? Whatcha DOIN' Uncah?" in the highest-pitched voice you ever heard on a little boy.

Ben would say, "I'm drivin', Judah. Whatchyou doin'?"

"I'm ridin' inna BACK, UNCAH."

Then a minute later, "UNCAH, Whezz my Momma, UNCAH?"

"She's right up there ahead of us in the car with Aunt Susi and Sofi."


then a minute later,

"UNCAH?" "Whatcha doin, UNCAH?"

"Drivin' the truck, Judah. Whatchyou doin?"

"I'm ridin' in the back, UNCAH!"

It was super-duper cute!

(Now I need to have a little boy!!)

Here they are, bonding over "diggers."

Gramma Sandy dumped beans out for the diggers.


Herb of Grace said...

He still asks almost every day if Aunt Suuuzeee? and Uncah Ben? are comin' ovah?

Hosanna said...

Awww. At least he is verbalizing. My nephew Brendan still talks in sign language and caveman grunts.

Matt and Laurie Beardsley said...

blah blah blah judah judah judah....

so wait.... sign language and caveman grunts are no good now??


Hosanna said...

...Not real sign language, like the signs for words that people teach their kids. Just like pointing and gesturing and stuff... it was funny, he wanted to go fishing one day and he was so flustered trying to get his dad to take him. He was making these little reeling motions, like he was holding an imaginary rod and turning an imaginary reel.... it was so darn cute.
But he is past 2. And all he says is mama, dadda, Nanna, (for me) and "oouh" for everything else. I am totally jealous of Judah's vocabulary.