Thursday, October 22, 2009

Finished Product

So here is the downstairs, for your inspection. We did not choose the paint color, it was given to us by the owners. Most of the furniture you see came with the house, but the wall-hangings are my own. is the little Girl in the last few photos. :D

She puts this on and then tells me, "Mommy, I'm a Sleepin' Booty!"


Herb of Grace said...

More pics of the bedroom and canopy!!!

Hosanna said...

Yep. That green is MUCH better than the previous grody red and gold disaster in that room. Maybe the wall color in there was contributing to Violet's nighttime woes as well as the unfinished canopy? Yay for paint.

Jenny said...

So, is this the "flesh-tone" paint you were talking about? Doesn't look bad! And, of course, the green is lovely:) Glad you decided to go ahead and do it. The place looks GREAT and HUGE! Awesome... and we'll probably never get the chance to see it...*sigh*
Evie and I were at Wendy's the other day and a family came in and sat behind us with a little boy, probably a little younger than Evie. They were making eyes at each other (Evie kinda shy, him bold and saying "Hi!" multiple times to her no response). I, of course, made her turn back around and eat her food. After a couple minutes I looked at her and she was just staring into space and I asker her why she was all zoned out and she said...drumroll please..."He's just so HANDSOME!".
I about fell on the floor laughing;) I really shouldn't have to deal with that for at least 10 more years, right?????

Denise said...

Susi, even though you cannot put up your beautiful, amazing paint colors... it's lovely! Your touch is visible here and there. Plus, it's all so lovely and brightly-lit. I love that! You've done a great job making it a home. I cannot wait to see the caonpy bed as well!

You know, your use of glass jars in the kitchen (with various things in them) is something I totally co-oped from you as well.

Denise said...

Just wanted to say I read your comment in the "Love in Action" post on our "pet peeves." It humored and challenged me!

Do all men have piles of what I call "clean-dirty" (you know, worn once but just for a few hours, so not dirty enough to wash and not clean enough to fold!)? It made me laugh to know Ben has one as well!!!

I really liked your take on it, including that famous quote from "Taming of the Shrew" and the allegory to an O.T. altar of remembrance. I desire to fully integrate this into my heart where it can overflow into my life!

Joy said...

Just saw these! I really like your mellow colors. Makes for a nice palette (sp?) for other colors. This is what I wanted in B's room. I'm a rather Country French sort of gal!