Sunday, February 14, 2010

Things I Love:

My husband's laugh, The wrinkles around his eyes, A certain Look in his eyes reserved for me....ownership. Being owned.

Violet, talking nonstop nonsense when sleepy, The way her tongue curls up when she says "S's"

The smell of sleep on my Loves

Boy choirs

Dove milk chocolates


Red wine with conversation


Wood floors, Old, old furniture, Completely spotless glass


Harp music

Umm......*whispers* Disco.

The look of pride in a 5-year old's eyes when he's accomplished a miracle at the piano.

The look of pure unself-conscious concentration on a child's face when learning a skill.

Teaching. Anything.

When people listen. and then offer a relevant reply. Considering something from a new angle.

Driving fast, Flying.

Acquiring a new skill...remembering an old one: Yo-Yo tricks.

Sad, sad string music....John Williams

Old friends...easy friendships.

The Body of Christ....found all over the world. Heaven. Redemption.

Folding warm laundry

Decorating a room from scratch, Curtains.


Old, old, old things. Bent for unknown reasons.

Unsolved mysteries.

The Uniform....and, oddly, the Army it represents. Wildly imperfect, treacherous, difficult, but now become familiar. Love of the familiar.

Childhood memories. My Dad, playing Monster with the neighborhood kids after dark in the summer. The ease of acquiring "perfection" that comes with childhood. Moments outside alone after dark in the summer.....these were perfection.

Recently, Local Agriculture & Market, and the people dedicated to it.

Piano pieces I can play with my eyes closed.

My unborn child wriggling in my womb

Great photography

Mountains, Creeks, Huge, huge NW trees.....Sprawling, leafy, bracken-y Eastern trees, North Carolina Beaches.....Waves. The smell of sunburnt skin

Perfectly-cooked fish

cracked black pepper....raw cabbage salads....cilantro

Paint....and plenty of time to swirl it around on a canvas.

Jewels, gems, glittery, sparkling, amazing.

Bows. In little girls hair.

Hoop earrings.

Clothes. and shopping for them. Clearance. Clearance. Anything. Boots. Clearance.

Kisses., velvet-silk petals, crunchy stems, dirty green under my nails, thorns, glorious fragrance.....pollen dust....grit-covered bulbs, crisp and promising....hard green talons pushing up through snow and dirt......brilliant unbelievable shades of purple......

hyacinth bells that say, "Eat me, I am cool and purple and beautiful!"

polka dots.

Round things in general. Swirls, curly-cues, dotty backgrounds, truffles (because they're round AND chocolate!), peony buds, my daughter's cheeks.

My daughter's cheeks. Ah. and biting them.

A good Tool. Like a jogging stroller that is smooth.....running shoes that support....a sharp knife...a lemon zester (because nothing zests like a zester), soap that lathers, a good paintbrush, a Mac laptop...

Good haircuts.

Flavors.....interesting, new flavors!

Fragrant flavors, such as pickled ginger. Fresh basil. Black tea. Good coffee..... Fresh, raw-milk butter...... summer peaches.......mangos.......sourdough bread.

The scent of lilac.

and lavendar.

Clean sheets. Sheepskin.

Coming home.

Ben coming home.


Hosanna said...

Wow this is a great list. You didn't know I liked Funk music, and I never figured you for disco! :) Humm.
Yes, Cilantro.... my new favorite herb. I always used it and liked it, but recently, I have come to seriously love and crave it in dishes.

Hosanna said...

PS - I love the new background. :)

Scot and Kristen said...

I LOVE this Susi! It's so from the heart and real!! Like a variation of Julie Andrew's singing her 'favorite things' in the sound of music!