Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ups & Downs

Yesterday was A.W.F.U.L. One of the Worst Preggo Days this time around. Those kinds of emotional days are normal, I'm sure, for pregnancy. However, top it with a weirdly stressed-out 3-year old*, a deployed husband, and the fact that my sister (on whose "normal family" aura I have heavily leaned during this deployment) suddenly starts asking me to help her start move.......I think you will grant me some slack that I took myself out to a fancy Italian place for dinner and *gulp* had a glass of wine with my puttanesca.


I remember August.....August, 2009.......the sun shone brightly in the PNW, but gloom cast itself over our family life. Our house looked like a refugee camp for weeks before the Big Move. I still suffer PTSD from this mammoth event. I packed up everything in our home, sorting through what to take with me to Virginia, and what I could do without for a year, while the final days of Family Togetherness eeked on towards the inevitable deployment date. Must keep packing. Stiff Upper Lip. Don't think about this "last trek in the park," the "last tickle-time" the "last barbecue as a family".....gotta get those boxes packed. The stress showed itself in things after the dust settled here on the East Coast---things like, I managed to bring brandy snifters (all 4 of them) and not a single wine glass. One of my salad forks made it, while the other pines for its mate in storage in Tumwater. Every single piece of a massive maternity wardrobe (I hit a lot of good sales....1.99 clearance at Gottshalks, for instance) remained in Washington!

Needless to say, it was The Most Stressful Time of my life. My wedding wasn't even quite this bad. It holds a close second, but man......that move......was........baaaaaad.

And, of packing up households and gathering boxes from liquor stores......and what to take down, what to sell, what to sends me quivering into my house, clinging to my newly-painted walls, crying, "Not yet! Not yet!"

I tried to calm myself by working on baby stuff last night, and writing my husband a long, pitiful email. Mostly, I just should've gone to sleep....but, the still, quiet house lures me into my computer desk, promising to "get stuff done" if I only just stay up! So, then follows a night of restless, light sleep.....a Too-Early morning....and a day of unmotivation.

Still, I did manage to purchase my home-birth kit....and a special uterine toner to help speed up Gracie's arrival for Ben. :) That, I am excited about. Plus, Ben called and we were able to talk for over an hour......So, my day turned out pretty nice in the end.

;) Thanks for asking!

*Violet was diagnosed with Lyme Disease after a tick bite sprang up a Bull's Eye rash. She's been unusually emotional (could just be part of being 3), and even a little sick (could be just a cold)...and is on day 8 of penicillin.


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