Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Backsliding Already

Despite my promises to post something "less melancholy" yesterday, I managed to let the whole day slide by without writing. Well, my excuses are these:
1. Ben took the laptop with him for school and didn't get back till the afternoon.
2. I ended up on the phone with a friend for a delightful 2+ hours of pure TALK (which hasn't happened to me in years)
3. I had some serious planning to do regarding groceries/budgeting.

About that last one: Gas is up to $3.29 here, and soars to $3.45 in some "elite" gas stations, and I have had to reconsider some things. For instance: Costco is a cheap way to buy bulk, quality items. But we live 30 minutes from said store, so I have to figure in the massive $5-$6 that trip alone is going to cost me. I know that sounds little, but when talking groceries here, cents usually inspire us to make our choices. Remember?

I had been spreading our shopping out and going only every 2 weeks to avoid the frequent driving, but that has resulted in the loss of a lot of fresh produce. I was throwing lettuce out every week...and usually other things, as well. I'm going to try to streamline a bit, and do some intensive meal-planning. My friend, Laurie, does her shopping that way. She plans out every meal, has sandwiches at lunch, and buys only exactly the ingredients she needs to cook those meals (plus lunchmeat & bread).

We only have a Wal-Mart and a Safeway nearby. I'm LOATHE to shop at WalMart--not just because of the stigma, but the quality of their stuff is usually pretty low. Especially produce. Where would I LIKE to shop, you ask? Trader Joe's, Farmer's Market, and WINCO!!


But all these places are 30 minutes plus from me.

Anyhow, a few weeks will show whether my micro-managing style will do it for us. I'll post later what I decide to do about Costco, too. Renew or not renew....


Herb of Grace said...

I heartily second Laurie's habits! I've found that I've shaved $20 to $30 off our weekly budget just by planning meals for the week and sticking strictly to the list. In addition, I've deliberately planned two suppers of beans and one of soup every week. Those are the three cheapest ways to eat that I know of :) And then in between those dinners we have some more "luxurious" meals-- pork chops, chicken breast, etc.

Hosanna said...

I know what you mean about Wal Mart - I was there yesterday and they wanted $1.44 for ONE green pepper. I left. We have Aldi here, which cuts our cost considerably. I *try* to plan out meals, but often wait until I get to the store and plan a meal based on what they have on sale. Then again, with just 2 of us, things are a lot simpler, I suppose.... that, and we have such a well stocked chest freezer that I "shop" and a well stocked home-canned goods pantry that I "shop"; saving us a LOT. I also save by NOT shopping for food with Kevin.... men are worse impulse buyers than us women, I am convinced; and when he is along we always end up spending $20 - $30 more - NO KIDDING - on snacks and luxury "extras".