Monday, June 2, 2008

Back & Forth

Still awaiting the publication of the flight manifest for is being revised every 24 hours. It still could be a week before he's home, but then again, it might only be a couple more days. The "Bosses" are home, already....... if you know what I mean. Lucky dogs.

*sigh* I'm so bloody impatient!!!!!!!!!!

Our anniversary is in 9 days. I hope he makes it for that.

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Denise said...

Wow, Susi... The waiting must be killing you! So close yet so unknown.... I am excited for you.... Ah the nervousness and bliss and frustration all at once....

You should post on anything special you've done to get his homecoming "just-so". Whether it's just changing something to your room decorations, to the lovely pond-work outside (although I know he told you to hold off some of it), or stocking a favorite drink of his around the house, or just planning what to wear (I had fun with that one!). So.... it'll pass time plus I'd love to hear!