Thursday, August 28, 2008

Girl Stuff

Violet & I have been doing "Girl" stuff to make the time away from Ben seem more bearable. She had soooo much fun at the nail salon, dangling her feet into the swirling water, telling herself, "Careful!" every time she leaned down to gaze at her soaking wet feet. She held still pretty well for the lady to paint the pale purple lacquer on her toes, and we "blew" on it to make it dry.

Later, I thought perhaps doing hair would be fun, too. However, it was not at all fun for her, and less and less fun for me, struggling with her straight-as-an-arrow locks and her wriggling frame and her constant shying from the curling iron saying, "Ouch, Sah-ee, I hurch-you? Sah-ee. You okaay? bibba-bit hot? hot!" and many other things. :P 

I finally decided to just cut it.

Though it slightly reminds me of the Dorothy Hammil haircuts of the '80's, I think I"ll give it a couple days to sink in and become Mod......and see if I don't like it a bit better.  At least, I'm loving not having to pin it back, tie it up, spray it to her head, and do it all over again every time she gets out of her carseat or takes a nap.


She looks so grown-up!!


Matt and Laurie Beardsley said...

How very Katie Holmes, Violet. You look adorable!

Herb of Grace said...

Nooooooooooo!!!! You cut her hair???? What were you thinking??? DOn't you remember the pain and suffering we went through trying to grow Sofi's bangs out???

Sofi's says "That's not Violet, that's some other baby..."

Herb of Grace said...

And, Laurie? You're not backing me up on this??? What happened to you???

Denise said...

I think Violet's haircut is adorable!!! Lisi, c'mon, maybe she wants Violet to have bangs! *grins* At least, bangs to me make a little girl look younger.... She can do the growing them out later. Besides, doesn't she want to look like momma? And Susi's got bangs!

Anyway, Sus the pedi sounds and looks like great fun. I love that you're incorporating Violet at such a young age to your "girlie" fun.

Also, the hair thing I totally get. Karen's girls really hate getting their hair done. ESPECIALLY Katrina. It can be a real battle of wills, and usually involves tears at some point. For play, they like to "fix" Karen's hair. The other day, Shiona was doing that and she said "Mommy, you need to say 'ow'" She thinks unless you're saying 'ow' you're not doing it right. :)

Jenny said...

Lisi, back off!;)
Sometimes you just have to do a little trimming to allow the slow growing hair to catch up to the fast growing stuff that seems to spike out in various places all over the kids head! We had the same problems with Evie. It all seems to grow out of the top of her head and looked really goofy til I did some random trimming and eventually broke down and did bangs, too! Now, a year later, it's catching up with itself, filling in and looking just loooovely;) I'll send you some pics to settle your nerves:)
Plus, the great thing about hair is that it always grows back -- sometimes it just takes a while;)