Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Army Blues


So begins another Looonng week away from Ben. Somehow, with all the "practice" we got during 2007-2008, separation still hasn't gotten any easier. We are more determined than ever to get ETS-ing as soon as possible. Ben said to me last night, "This is why we want to get out of the military--because we value family and home life." :(

I said goodbye to him at 4AM, trying hard not to even wake up all the way since I knew I'd never get back to sleep if I did. I guess that in that sense, anyhow, we are getting better-practiced at the separating/leaving thing. We know how to practically get past it, get on with it. However, I hate the thought that we end up doing this often enough that it becomes *too* familiar a feeling....I guess I should be comforted in the knowledge that it does still hurt to say goodbye to him. That is a sign that we're still close.

*Sigh* (again)

Well, I'm looking forward (trying to) to a week of "girl" stuff. Violet & I are getting a pedicure together, going shopping for winter clothes, and anticipating the arrival of the new Coffee Stuff I bought from Amazon. Winter/Fall (the "cold wet season") Northwest Style is approaching us already. The days are shorter than ever, and the nightly rains have set in. Everything is green as green can be, which is nice, but the chill kind of necessitates extra coffee-drinking, so we bought our own espresso machine and Burr grinder for beans. I found this machine at Goodwill for $6, and bought a couple replacement parts to finish it off. I also found this burr grinder on Amazon---factory refurbished--for $16.97. :D I'm tickled to death to have such a set-up for under $100. I expect that once I edumificate myself on the art and science of espresso a bit better, I'll experience the urge to upgrade, but for now, these should do me just fine.

Well, I'm signing off now to go running......trying to shed another couple pounds off while Ben's gone again. I gained two or three "Happy Pounds" when he got home from Iraq. Man, that guy loves to eat steak dinners!!!! :P


Rachel said...

Great finds! Good luck on becoming more accomplished at coffee making, I'll just have to take your word for it when you become an expert, you know my love of coffee (NOT!!) !!! : ) Sorry about another separation, I know it's hard for ya'll and I can totally understand being terribly mad at the army! I would be!! Hang in there!!! Post pics of Violet's toes after your ped. this week!!

The Cranberry Paper said...

Hey sue. Praying for ya. And AWESOME about youre coffee finds
I am currently using instant :-P blach.

Its spelled Brizendine.

And yes I am TOTALLY kicking myself over the things I should have said. But..I was so flabberghasted at what I was hearing...I just couldent get anything out at the time :-P Oh well..Sucks to be a burden to taxpayers and society in general :-D

Denise said...

Oh Susi - those are wonderful finds!!! That dual espresso/coffee maker looks fabulous! Sometimes I realize I have *too many* appliances, and I would love to have combo packages like that. The power went off at our house a few hours ago, so I'm whiling away the hours with free Starbucks wifi and a latte by my side. I'd love some real cold or rainy weather here, though. The sunshine and heat just seem to mock my own sad and dreary state of heart. Plus, pregnancy hates heat!

That all said, I HATE that you and Ben are doing this AGAIN. Jonathan and I have been talking about HOW to get out too, because these deployments - while NOTHING compared to what you guys did - still suck and are just plain wrong. Husbands and wives are not meant to spend huge chunks of time living apart. Ugh. But right now we see no way out. I can't even think of ANOTHER deployment when this one has me wonering if I can even make it. *sighs*

I know September of next year can't come soon enough. But this WLC thing is just stupid. Yes, the Army is stupid. I can say this as a military wife knowing what are and are't important "classes" and such to go to. And not letting you home? Jonathan thought if he was in Ft Lewis that was nuts!

You are very near to my heart and prayers, dearest Susi. I know the horror of the familiarity. But the pain does show you are close, in fact it's a deep cut/scar that hasn't healed that's being ripped open again.

I keep telling myself God is near to the brokenhearted. He is near. He is near.

I wish I were with you too. Stupid ailine tickets and money and all that stuff. If only we were stationed at McChord!