Monday, August 25, 2008

More Leaving

So, tomorrow is Ben's birthday, and the day after that he leaves us again for a 30-day-long class called "Warrior Leader Course." It's a training session for NCO's meant to develop leadership skills (they say), and teach them how to be better soldiers all 'round.

Ben will be here on Fort Lewis for the course, but gone 24 hours a day for days 1-8 and then again days 23-30. Days 8-23, provided he is in "good standing" with the CMDR, he'll be permitted to come home after 8PM, to return again the following morning at 5AM. 

It's going to be a tough month ahead, y'all. :( We're both already experiencing "flashbacks" of the Deployment Era. Man, it sometimes seems like it never lets up. We're still trying to get our feet underneath us from the last year and a half, and here we go again already! I'm indignant at the Army, to put it mildly.

Anyway......sorry, I have nothing more interesting to report. I'm just plodding along here, trying to learn the lesson of Rejoicing in the Face of Adversity. It's tough....really tough.

I guess I really don't have much else to say........I *did* try to post something cute of Violet and her spaghetti-slurping, but Google Blogger was having errors all day with video uploading. :(

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Denise said...

Hey Susi... I'm indignant at the Army too - you have been through ENOUGH!!!! You guys need a break - at least as long as he was gone - wher he can't do this TDY stuff. I hate it for you.

I get the whole flashbacks thing. Jonathan just left today, and everyhting over the last 24 hours was *too* much like this January. I'm hating it so much right now, we both are.

I am praying for you guys. Can he call at all?