Friday, January 23, 2009

Another "Transliteration"

Mom's started calling my "Violet-isms" that,'s another one from last night.

She was getting a bath, and was "swimmin" on her tummy, and I began to squeeze water onto her back from one of those "scrub-sponges." I could tell it was making her nervous, since she hates the whole hair-wash thing, and I was getting too close to her head for comfort. She screwed her head around and eyed me, wanting to say something convincing that would get me to stop. After a pause, she squinted at me with sincerity, and uttered, "Dat's notchoor Scwubbie. Iss NOTCHOOR Scuh-wubby, Hah-nee."

It worked. I stopped because I was laughing too hard to continue!

Ok, so one more.

She has a ritual of asking for things, "Hott Moke" "Drinkuh water" etc, before lights out at night. It's her last-ditch effort at prolonging bedtime. I almost never say yes to any of these.  The other night she started out on her list, with her head propped up on her elbows, looking at me hopefully. "Water?" I said, "No, no water." She stopped and thought, then reached out to cup my face with her little hands. Hands on my cheeks, she said, "Looka Me."  I did. Once she had my full attention, she pleaded, "Don' say No, hah-nee."

:D Teehee!!

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Sandra said...

This little girl is sooo cute. Give her a big hug and kiss from Grandma Sandy.