Sunday, January 25, 2009

In Sickness and In Health

So, this morning found us all three stuffy, headachey, and grumpy. :( I made us all a hasty breakfast of cereal and yogurt, then headed back to bed until noon. My patient husband kept Violet pacified with Sleeping Beauty on DVD and buried himself in mindless internet browsing. For a while, all was quiet. 

When I awoke, I was grouchier than ever. To incite me even further was my daughter, kicking and screaming in staunch resistance to all the medicines and oil being poured in her ears. By the time the doses were administered, I was a complete Shrew. My husband, keen on my moods, whispered to me that he needed to go get a haircut, and might be gone a little while. Was that ok? I said, sarcastically, "Yes, because I love sitting at home alone and sick with a whiny, sick, & thrashing child. Take as long as you like."

He just quietly left......and I slumped into a chair to grouse to myself through my phlegm. 

45 minutes later, he returned with these:

A gorgeous lavender rose


The most perfect way to while away time when sick: "Diner Dash: a time management game for Macintosh."

What a totally sweet husband I have!! 

And yes, I cried. :)


Jenny said...

Oh, man! I'm so sorry you guys are sick! You really didn't have to come yesterday, you know!!! Do I need to come up there and take care of you for a few days?;)
Sounds like Ben is doing a good job of that -- why do the guys never get it as bad as the girls and kids?!?!? UGH! You probably picked up more of it when you were here as I'm still fighting it, too. But then, lack of sleep will do that to us, huh?

Edith said...

Hey this flu/virus thing is global. Steva was sick all day yesterday. He only moved from bed to the sofa and back to bed again. I was the model of an adoring wife and made him eat plain toast and drink tea. I even put my cool hand across his fevered brow in an adoring manner. Do you think I might get roses too...?

Joy G said...

Susie, how sweet of Hubby! Hope you feel lots better soon! I had a good sleep last night and am feeling better myself. Yay :)

Herb of Grace said...


You can make it up to him the next time he gets one of these:

Denise said...

You have an amazing husband. Susi, we've all been there, when we're stretched to our limit and we respond in our sin nature rather than as the godly wife we all strive to be at all times. It's amazing that God created these wonderful men in our lives that love us even in the midst of our bad attitudes! Thanks for an honest post, and may you guys get well soon!!!!

P.S. Thanks for your lovely comments on our daughter. I treasure her all the more for what it took to get her, too. I stand in awe at God's goodness to us here on earth!

Susannah Forshey said...

:) Thanks for all the sweet comments. I am doing better this morning....though I will now have opportunity to show my love to Ben through nursing *him* back to health....he's got a temperature and everything. He nearly missed formation this morning for sleeping through his alarm! Poor guy!