Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

When we were little, my Mom usually set us down on the 31st of December and asked us what goals we would like to set for the New Year. This helped me gain some perspective of Time, Consequences, and my own growth. I haven't set a New Year's Resolution since I was 14, due to some kind of teenage disdain for tradition. However, I'm starting again this year, because as I get older, the years seem to go faster and faster, and I think at age 27 I have a chance of setting reasonable goals that I can actually accomplish in a year's time.

Most of my goals have to do with organizing time. This is something both my husband and I have a problem with. We end up either bored or overly busy on weekends because we don't plan during the week. The same thing happens with my meals. I end up out of this or that and make multiple grocery store trips during the week. Also related to time is potty training my daughter. I have come to realize that potty training is much more about the parents being "ready" to train than the children being "ready" to learn. When I am focused on her and not doing 6 other things at once, she does amazingly well and can even get through a whole day in panties. 

Here we go:

  • Exercise every day of the week (not necessarily at the gym)
  • Grocery shop once a week only, and be as creative as necessary to use all the ingredients I buy, or just *do without*
  • Find or invent a source of income for me. If I cannot draw in any more students, I have a back-up plan of working at a local coffee store. I plan on taking more resumes out today.
  • Becoming more "green" in our household habits, including shopping Thrift stores before I shop retail
  • Planning weekends before they happen. 
  • Potty Training Violet
  • Budget. Everything.
  • Learn to sew. (better)
  • Reduce Sugar. (there are several reasons for this, I will address them in another post)

The reason I feel free to list so many things is because I have already broken ground in every one of those categories. I just need to set them as priorities and actually make them part of our lives instead of elusive ideals. We've gone in and out of budgeting, I've sewn some things here and there, and I've done recycling part-time. However, this year for us is going to hold some very big changes, and I want to have certain habits enforced in our lives before they come upon us. Picking up and moving to Virginia will basically be a complete Start-Over for our family. I want to be a Helpmeet Machine, frugal, crafty, hard-working, and in control of spending by the time these hardships meet up with us (not to mention having $$$ in our savings account!!) so that Ben is free to pursue whatever avenue of work God leads us to without worrying about food and clothing details.

So there we go! I would love to hear some of your goals, readers......write them in comments if you wish. :)


Herb of Grace said...

Ahah! I remember almost exactly when I realized that I had to change my old single person/married-no-kids/new mom ways of relaxed moving form moment to moment and become the Organized Homeschool Mom I had always intended to be, but somehow never quite attained. Weekly scheduling, daily scheduling, planning, menus, grocery lists, etc... Remember how much time Mom had to spend to keep it all organized? Remember the 5X8 cards for each kid? Remember the daily food theme? (beans on Tues and Thurs, potatoes on Fri, veggies on Sat, meat on Sun, etc) And the weekly expenditures jotted down and then entered into the budget book each month? Did Dad ever make you keep the family budget? I had to for a while-- a few months or a year or something...

Good Luck to you! Time does seem much more available when I stick to a weekly routine. I get more done and have more time for projects and leisure.

I'll write about our goals on my blog, in case you're interested.

Toni said...

I had a budget before I was married, so it was not hard to keep up with Daddy on that one. He came out of Campus Crusade where goal-setting was almost an article of faith. Don't be too hard on yourself, though. The unexpected, the unplanned for, the totally disruptive WILL come your way. Part of your grpwth as a servant of God and help to your husband is being RELAXED and FLEXIBLE. Living in Turbeville has taught me that, although I have by no means arrived. "Learn to love the weather" should be the over=arching maxim.