Monday, January 5, 2009

Our Christmas Montage

We had a most enjoyable Christmas season this year; our first one together as a Family!
I had PJ's like these when I was little that my Mom made L. and me at Christmas-time.

Violet has spent more time than ever on the piano these days. She loves to "stomp-a feet" and "clap-a-da-hands"  while Mommy plays "If You're Happy and You Know It". 
Violet is a big Helper to her Mommy, and dishes are her FAVORITE thing. Here she's washing her very own dishes that cousin Evie gave her as a birthday gift.

We spread out gift-opening over a 7 day period before Christmas to help us celebrate for more than just one day. I remember being an expectant mother at this time of year 2 years ago, just like Mary, the mother of Jesus. I remember thinking that the season of expectancy started in November, and lasted right up until her birthday. I did lots of preperation and celebrating before the Date, and I wanted to have that same celebratory anticipation during every Christmas. 


We saw SOOO much snow this year! We very much enjoyed sledding on Gramma Sandy's sled, though Violet was "ahh-done" after about 3 trips down Miller Hill. She loved it at first, but when we tried sending her down alone, she got scared and had Enough. :)


This was our first Christmas tree EVER, and we had no ornaments to start with. We sketched out a budget, and made a trip to Michael's. I also dug around some old florist supplies, and got out my glue gun. We ended up with a bird & fruit-themed tree....and some lights! We didn't get as far as a tree-topper, but some family did send us ornaments for gifts, so we have a few more for next year! 
Violet adored the lights......she would ask for the second thing in the morning when she woke up. First, "hott Moke??" then, "Cissmash chee yites?"

When we were little, we would pretend to "eat" the lights (yummy colors, I guess) that we saw out the car windows driving by. Violet continues this tradition. :) Yummy yites!!

One Sunday, after being snowed in for 2 whole days already, we ventured out in the Truck, armed with snow-tires, and made it down to Olympia. We skidded downtown to the Farmer's Market, only to find it empty but for one brave vendor. We walked out the back and saw, lo and behold, an Anthony's Homeport Restaurant! Didn't know there was one in Olympia, but there it was, beckoning us in with promise of Sunday Seafood Brunch. We took the bait, and had the BEST time watching the snow fall into the harbor, flaking past the boats, confusing the seagulls and ducks. :) It was beautiful! 

Merry, Merry Christmas to all of you, and may the joy of this season be with you through all of 2009. Christ our Savior is BORN!


Denise said...

It looks like an amazingly fun Christmas and lots of special family times together. Didn't we eat an an Anthony's??? I think I remember that's where we got the Creme Brulee with the huckleberries on it!!!

I love Violet's pjs!

Herb of Grace said...

Oooo! I saw the apron :)

Susannah Forshey said...

Yes, Denise....Anthony's was the place!

Rachel said...

It looks like you had a wonderful 'first' Christmas together as a family! I know Violet enjoyed it.
Very cool that you've had so much snow, my kids would be jealous of that! Great pics too!

Toni said...

I love the way you transliterate Violet's "language." It makes me chuckle. Your description brought me closer to your Christmas. We missed you all. Thanks for writing.

Joy G said...

Love the snow pictures and I'm jealous you went to Anthony's! Love that place. We discovered there is actually one only minutes from us :-)