Sunday, March 29, 2009

Unrefined, but Postable

Here's a thought:

Now, I ask you readers: does this inspire you? What sorts of impassioned thoughts run through your head when you see something like this? Are you driven to action to mail teabags and march into Washington? Are you disillusioned? Are you filled with frustration? Do you feel helpless?

I told my husband after watching this, eyes filled with tears, "This brings nothing but grief to me. I hear this speech and am reminded of my country like a Dead Friend. Yes, we loved him and knew him well, but he is gone now." I am telling you this because I am unsure that my reaction is valid. When people become "politically active" it's because they're convinced they can do something to make change happen. On the flip side, when people do nothing, it's because they're convinced they CAN'T make a difference. Right? I'm still not sure which side I am on.

It's tough.....being young. My perspective on America is basically built on just.....high school textbooks, and CNN & Fox. My real world experience has given me this perspective: "It's been going on way too long to do anything about it now. There's nothing you, a single citizen, can do that will make any difference at all. May as well just hunker down for the Sh*t Storm and hope you and your children survive with your private property and your right to practice your faith intact." But then things like this come along. Who's right? If I fly to Washington D. C. and park my car, will I be the only one? Will I get laughed at for assuming the Second Boston Tea Party would occur?

During the election.......many blogs were buzzing with a lot of talk about Socialism and the democratic party. Ben & I involved ourselves in lots of discussion with friends about which way to lean....what was going to make a difference.......where our faith stood in all of this. Basically, we were pondering this same question that arises in me when I watch this video: Is it too late to make a difference? Should we just concentrate on survival as the "world ends?" or, should we jump into the ring and bloody ourselves trying to reverse the tide with a Second American Revolution?

It reminds me of the Terminator movies, if you will. (bear with me....) The human race always knew it was inevitable that the machines take over, yet they continued the last-ditch efforts again and again of sending Saviors back through time, prolonging civilization as long as possible.....and then they still had a plan B----Hunker down and survive. Of course, they did have the advantage of already being *in* the future, knowing just how bad it was going to be. :(

[Thanks to Ben for his input on the title. ] :D

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Hosanna said...

Well, Hellelujiah!!!If ONLY the average American thought this way. There are too few who do.
I was scheduled to go to a Tea Party but was unable to go at the last minute.