Thursday, May 28, 2009

Something Every Parent Should Know

As Violet has gotten older and wiser, she's begun to take advantage of my reticence to spank her in public. She knows that I hesitate, and sometimes am fearful of the Public Eye on my training activities, so she throws fits, cries louder than ever, and ignores my commands. It was particularly exasperating today when we were shopping for clothes, and I was in a dressing room, 3' x 3' wherein every cry she emitted echoed largely throughout the entire back half of R*ss. *sniff* Poor me! I was whispering threats through clenched teeth, and she would howl back at me, "No spaaaankin's!" I got a zillion dirty looks when I walked out with her in tow, tears smeared down her cheeks, sniffling piteously.

Anyhow, my week spent with Laurie made me wonder why I am so afraid of spanking my child in public. Laurie is an excellent disciplinarian, consistently cheerful, matter-of-fact, and pauses training for nothing and no where (not even the Children's Museum, where tantrums reign supreme). I was slightly in awe, and asked myself to wake up and question myself. Why was I so afraid?

I went online and googled what, exactly, the spanking laws are in my state.

I found this useful site

My heart was put at ease, for I certainly do not ever plan on burning, shaking, cutting, or restricting the breathing of my child. :) Spanking the buttocks of my biological daughter is not an illegal activity in my state of residence! I am sooooo relieved! I shall continue my training of her precious soul completely at ease, without any fear of nosy Liberals calling up CPS and reporting me. :D


Matt and Laurie Beardsley said...


Just keep 'em comin' (says Laurie, basking in the glow of the praise of a peer and friend).

Susannah Forshey said...

I know, it sounds like flattery, but seriously, Laurie, you're really good!! Plus, I was steeped in the doubt of single-parenting for so long, I know I have a lotta insecurities. Plus, I don't get out around other like-minded Moms very often. :(

Matt and Laurie Beardsley said...

Well thank you! That means alot! To give credit where credit is due though, I would have to say that Lisi and Jeremiah were an inspiration to me at a critical time and their calm and unemotional responses to misbehavior and Sofi's subsequent obedience and obvious learning definitely struck a chord.

They were a great example at exactly the right time! Definitely a blessing from the Lord.

Herb of Grace said...

Thanks Laurie :) Hope only the good and none of the "what the heck are we doing?!?" bad rubbed off ;) I always knew you and Matt would make great parents. Wish I could be there to see you in action, too!

Hosanna said...

I am sorry, Su, but I read this and LOL; "no spankins!" - :) I know it must not have been funny at the moment it happened, but it just struck me as being so cute. Just think of how funny it will be when Violet is getting engaged, and you can tell the story to her handsome suitor, and watch her face get all red......:)

tess said...

Oh Boy, Violet, you better watch out!