Thursday, July 23, 2009


Violet loves bugs. She runs after them and picks them up. She brings me "cute" little pill bugs, ants, and most recently........bees.

Yes, bees. Your standard, stinger-enforced, black & yellow, fuzzy bumblebee. She follows them around our clover-ridden lawn, coaxing them to stand still, please, and tries to pick them up. One day she succeeded. She brought me a mysterious handful of something, and said, "Here, Mom, here ya go." I took it, unknowingly, felt it buzzing, and then frantically started flapping my hands. "Oh, goodness!!!! It's a bee!!"

I immediately tried to downplay it, since fear of bees is not necessary. They're not really out to get you, just.....pollen. 'Course, in my childhood, I stepped on so many barefooted (not to mention being stung into infinity when a farm-hand mowed over a ground-hornet's nest in front of me and my dad) that I have a horrible fear of them. So, having no background like that, she's still not afraid of them.

Here she is, following them around hoping one will land.

Here she's picking one up.

Later, she did get stung by one. I watched her through the window, she reached for it and drew her hand back sharply. No tears, though, she just looked concerned. She sat there a minute, then came inside squeezing her finger. "He pinched me." is all she said.

My little fearless girl!


Denise said...

Susi - Violet is so very precious! I must say, I'd feel the same way you did about it... I don't want her to fear something that I do, when there isn't reason. But getting stung will crete a healthy resepct in her so-mature and tough little self. Gosh, I miss her! I can't wait to see her in person.

By the way, I hope you know we will be visiting you in Harrisonburg. :) It's been too long already.

Herb of Grace said...

Awww. She and Judah are going to get along great! My tender-hearted Sofi would have fallen all to pieces, but Judah is definitely the type to look puzzled and then run off to catch another one.

Hosanna said...

My niece, Alana, is obsessed with bugs at the moment, too. Abi was shucking corn one day, and was getting Alana to pick off all the worms. Which she carried around for awhile.
I bought her a net and a cage for the bugs.
No reason for little girls to be freaky about insects.