Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Here's a little of what we've been up to in the last 2 weeks since Ben's been home.
We found a "Splash Park" in Tacoma.....ladies, you should see if your city has one of these! They're TOTALLY awesome!

We picked strawberries one morning....only got about one flat's worth, because they grow so TINY out here, that it took all morning to get just that one flat! Apparently strawberries need more sunshine than we have to offer in order to get as huge as they are in NC.
Neighbors set up a "Pool Co-op" on July 3rd, and everyone on the block brought their pools to one yard to fill up. We all sat out in the yard and watched the kiddos run from one to the next, keeping cool. We had close to 90 degree temps on July 3rd and 4th! It was SOOO exciting!

July 3rd we went to our church's Block Party and Car Show. They produced a real wing-dinger of an evening, complete with a hot-air baloon and fireworks!
.....and free cotton candy! Violet's first!

So, what do you think brought the dirt onto THESE toes?????

The Raspberry Farm, of course! Yes, we went picking again, and Violet found the chickens very interesting, too. Ah, the country life....I do miss it! It was pretty amazing, just eating such luxuriously sweet raspberries off the 9-foot tall canes.....totally organic, totally sweet, totally huge. :) We've been eating them for breakfast every morning for DAYS!

We had a bit of a cold spell, and even a tiny, little spurt of a thunderstorm, where we actually saw rain for the first time in 60 days!!! During the cold spell, we bundled up in jackets, and went bike-riding. Violet is pretty passionate about see-sawing, we found out!
GYmnastics continue to be a highlight in our week. Violet is learning to hoist herself onto the bars, jumping with two feet on the balance beam, and beginning the basics of the cartwheel. She's getting so good, she's at the "top" of her class, and we're considering adding another 3-year old class to our week to see how she'll handle that. I'm THRILLED to see her becoming skilled at this at such an early age. As a piano teacher, I almost dread beginning her music lessons......if you're a teacher, you'll understand. But, watching her learn in someone else's class is totally AWESOME. :)


Herb of Grace said...

So, don't worry about it. She can start with violin instead :) I'll trade you for piano for Sofi!

I'm sooo jealous of your splash park!! How'd you find it? Is there a splash park website out there somewhere?

Jenny said...

We have an AWESOME splash park here that I didn't even know about til this past weekend! Evie had a ball -- though she's such a chicken, she just ran around the outside of it for the first hour;)
And, I totally know what you mean about dreading starting music lessons -- I'm wondering at what age the ability to carry a tune kicks in...or when to give up hope;)

Hosanna said...

I see Violet wore her strawberry hat to go strawberry picking.....:)
I wish I had raspberries. All I have is blackberries around here. Lucky.

Joy said...

Such incredibly fun summer days! Guess what, I found another splash park here in Auburn! Didn't even know :( Did you know I actually wasted half those strawberries we picked? I got sick the weekend after we picked them and didn't have time to do make all the stuff I had hoped to. Love the pic of B & V :)