Saturday, September 12, 2009

From The Road

Today found me wakening to the sound of flies buzzing around my head. Something about Wyoming...

Yes, we're in Wyoming, that great state (?) famous for Custer's Last Stand, and the Battle of Little Bighorn. The mountains by that name, Bighorn, though, probably beautiful in themselves, have begun to lose their attractiveness to us all, since we've been seeing nothing BUT mountains for the last 1000 miles. However, as we were driving along the interstate, and saw signs like, "entering Crow country" I grew excited and had Lisi pull out the iPhone and wikipedia the famous Custer's Last Stand. Very exciting story, very bloody, and awesome to think of what was going on right on the hills we'd been passing....hundreds of American soldiers massacred, and Indians' rights violated. Sad...very sad piece of history, but cool to be driving right through it.

Anyhow, as far as our actual travels go, it has been a mixture of insane stress, and lovely relaxing moments. My nephew has been pretty miserable, what with the lack of sleep. He's just figuring out how to take a decent nap in the car. As a toddler, Violet rode with me to California once, and it took her 3 days of car-napping to get more than a 20-30 minute nap. By day 4, she was up to 2 hours, solid sleep. So, yesterday, Judah finally slept about 1.5 hours. We were all much happier, then!

The KOA cabins we'd reserved disappointed us slightly. The first one was a bit cramped for all of us....although, more in the sense that waking, crying babies woke everyone else. I think were we all adjusted to the time zone change, the traveling sleep and all, we could've shared the 2-bedroom cabin just fine. We may try it again in 2 nights. We had to reserve another cabin pretty quick once we got to Yellowstone, just because we all wanted a good night's sleep. Camping can be fun if you're expecting it, and want to just "go camping" for a few nights. But setting up, taking down, cooking over a new fire every night is a bit wearying after a while, especially when you all start out overly tired. :(

Anyway, the scenery along the way has been mouth-dropping beautiful. At one point, a bald eagle flew along-side our van for a moment, across a backdrop of a crystal-clear Montana river, with sweeping mountaisn behind. It was pretty amazing! Yellowstone park was also incredibly beautiful, and even though I'm so NOT into fishing, sights of fly-fishermen everywhere we drove got me seriously thinking about planning a family trip to Yellowstone once our family's a bit older (namely, Violet, and whoever else we've got by then!) to learn that very skill!

Well, that's all for now, folks. It's been a learning experience so far, and we've got another week to go on learning!!!


Hosanna said...

You know, the eagle flying along side your van could be a sign..... I know from watching old wilderness movies that Bald Eagles hold special spiritual meaning to Native Americans. Remember seeing that bald eagle floating down the river here a few years ago? Pretty sweet.
Kevin loves fly fishing, says it is very relaxing. He highly recommends it. Be safe.

Hosanna said...

LOL! I just re-read that - we did NOT see a bald Eagle floating in the river! We were floating in the river and we observed it flying around in the trees along the river! HA! Bald eagle floating in the river.... yeah, with a little floatie and all.... *sniggers at myself*

Jenny said...

Hey...copycat! We've got that whole Yellowstone family vacation thing in the works, too...for when Evie's a little older;) Think they'll be old enough at the same time to go together?!?!? Maybe we can get Lisi to drive back out for it ... *snicker*, *snicker*;)