Sunday, December 20, 2009

Photo Dump

This December found us traveling again...we went to Pennsylvania to see my cousin, Mandy, get married. After that 2-day event, loaded with lots of cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents all in old, familiar places of my childhood....we continued the drive eastward to Toms River, NJ to visit with my other cousin and her husband. They showed us the sights in NJ, including the boardwalk at Point Pleasant....which boasts an aquarium, too, even during the winter! We had a blast, and Violet quickly warmed to Ryan & Rebecca, and now talks about them. They were just married back in October, and I think perhaps Violet remembers some of that event, as well, since she keeps saying, "Ryan is Rebecca!"


Just as soon as we got home, we had just gotten out in the nick of time to get groceries to re-stock after our travels when we got DUMPED with SNOW! Over 2 feet piled into the Shenandoah Valley, and we have been house-bound, it's been so deep. 2 days, now, of sitting around the house, watching the snow plows go by. Seriously, folks, snow-plowing is like my newest favorite spectator sport. I almost want to cheer when they go by! I'm pretty bored, and Violet is fed up, too, with movies and reading books. The snow is too deep for her to play in (up to her waist), and too powdery to make a good sled track. So, we're just waiting it out.

Anyhow, without further ado, here are some highlights of our December.

Divers cleaning the shark tank. Better than daytime t.v.

This is an "I love my camera" shot!

Up the Boardwalk!

Beautiful New Jersey Shore!

Under this pile is my can just see the handles peeking out!

The whole Valley is snowed-under!


Joy said...

I'm glad you were snow-bound AFTER the grocery shopping! We've yet to get some sticking snow...had snow last Sunday, but didn't stay.

When do you find out what you're having? I'm so excited for you!!! Say hi to Violet from us! Maybe when I post more pics on my blog, she'll remember Brilla more :)

Jenny said...

It's amazing the difference between the east and west coast beaches. I don't ever remember being at a Jersey beach in the winter time. But, west coast, you go all the time, 'cause, even in summer, you really don't go to swim;) And, as cold as it is in winter, it's awesome to go "stormwatching" at the coast here! But, I have to admit, I miss east coast beaches just for the sun/warm/swimming thing;)
So glad you got to go to Mandy's wedding (and so wish we could have been there!) and have a great visit with Rebecca and Ryan:)

tess said...

That's AWESOME!!!!!! I wish I had stayed till then! No fair. :(