Friday, December 4, 2009

"Would You Like a Peanut?"

There was a game they used to play that Violet called, "Tease Me." She would hold her hand up high with a little stone in it, and say, tantilizingly, "Would you like a peanut? Would you? Would you like one?"

Ben would say, "Yes, I would like a peanut, I would!" and he'd reach up, up in the air for it,

......only to get tickled mercilessly by Violet, the Teaser!

Such great playmates!


Hosanna said...

The only thing I can think of here is that "Anybody wanna peanut?" line from the Princess Bride. You know, Fezzik and Anigo, having the rhyming game...... *AHEM*
Anyway. This is cute.

Denise said...

How precious!

Seth and Karen's blog said...

I love the story and pictures going together. It's so adorable. Just check out that knowing look in her eyes! Sooo sweet!

Jenny said...


Herb of Grace said...

She's pretty cute!