Saturday, January 30, 2010

Random Update

So, by now, we've reached the halfway point.....until R&R, that is. We're halfway to May ~20, when we expect Ben home for a couple of weeks, and our little Miss Grace shows herself. :) We've settled on a first name, but middle name is eluding us. She may end up with Grace as her middle name, but we'd still call her "Gracie."

Things have been in a kind of regular upheaval here since early December (or, Thanksgiving, really), what with traveling, settling down, getting restless, traveling, settling down, and then getting restless again. I've come to discover that it is partly the condition of this house that keeps me from ever getting totally comfortable just staying put. There is nothing like a crappy rental with cheap linoleum and industrial carpet in the bedrooms to make a perfectionist housewife want to get away! Also, of course, all my lovely friends on the east coast, so tantalizingly accessible! :D

Earlier this month, we spent 9 days with my friend, Denise, and returned home pretty exhausted. We managed to fly down to her place for free, thanks to a military flight (from which I bumped not one, but TWO retired Colonels, because I out-classed them as a Space-A passenger, and rode behind a 3-star general in a shiny blue and white 8-seater federal gov't plane with leather seats!), but the way home was blocked by some weird, inexplicable scheduling mysteries at the AFB I was trying to fly out of. By day 8, Violet had started sleeping poorly because of nightmares, and neither of us were much company to Denise & Elyana after a poor night's sleep, so....we purchased commercial tickets and flew home to D.C. the next day.

Sleeplessness has continued since we returned home, unfortunately. Nightmares persist, a head cold and fever were visited upon the Muffin, then passed onto me, and only since 2 nights ago, have we seen an entire night of sleep, lasting more than 8 hours. I buckled under my midwife's suggestion to take Unisom to help out with sleep, and got a good 10 hours night before last. Whew, man, that stuff is powerful. I felt like I'd been asleep for days, and had dreams all night that I was supposed to be somewhere, but couldn't wake up!

We've pledged to try to stay at home for a while, until the sleeping issues work themselves out. Anyone is welcome to come visit us, though, whenever you might be passing up our way! We still have an entire floor to offer you, complete with pull-out sofa bed, and private bathroom! :)

To be perfectly honest, I see God's hand at work, keeping me here with sleep issues. I've begun to see major dissatisfaction at work in my life, and traveling around has kept it at bay. God wants me to put my expectations for satisfaction in Him, and not in the things I'm surrounded by. "Coping" is not the Abundant Life He has planned for His children, and I think I need to learn how to put my roots down in Him, and not seek satisfaction in my current house, family life, decor status, or everyday activities. It is hard....the first week at home, still struggling with sleep issues, surrounded once more by these hideous walls and industrial carpet.....honestly, I nearly lost it. But, then I began to see there was something "there"....and God spoke to me about my contentment issues.

Soo....that's where I am right now. Learning to let the annoyances of this transient military life roll off of me, while the desires of my heart are rooted in Christ alone. I find God is giving me many opportunities to test myself, to see if my contentment really is in Him, or laptop, which I took in for a minor repair, and ended up in the shop for over 2 weeks (no skyping with Ben!), and may have to be entirely replaced by Apple. Or, say, my van, which displayed a flat tire first thing in the morning, when my plans for the day revolved around being in town for the majority of the day.

He is good.....and wants so much, much more for His children than just a day spent with "fun activities." He wants my heart, and He wants ALL of it.

I'm grateful for all the prayers I know y'all have been offering up on my behalf. Please add "Contentment" to your list for this is the primary lesson God's been teaching me.

Other random updates include:

1.Violet is taking dance classes! She is totally in love with dancing, and as soon as my laptop is restored to me, I'll post some videos. It's such a joy to watch!

2. I discovered I had an allergy to penicillin.....a horrible rash broke out on my tummy, which I thought was stretch marks at first (and grieved over them---my FIRST ever!), but then was advised by my sis. to get them checked out. That itchy, horrible rash is now mostly gone, and now I have to say, "Yes." when they ask me in triage if I have any allergies to any medications. :)

3. There are a few plans in the workings for some traveling....I will be spending some time in N.C. with my aging grandmother, hopefully once more before she passes on. I love her dearly, and her absence in my children's lives is something I hope heaven will make up for. We're also coming down to So. Virginia for a "Decade Party" in March sometime. My mom, Jeremiah, my Dad, my m-i-l, and my sister all have a major birthday this year. We're all coming down to celebrate!

4. Belly is growing and growing.....I know I need to post pics, but I have no laptop at the moment. :) I'm almost in a large size top (or very long-waisted "small") in order to cover everything, though the bella band is still plenty sufficient for bottoms. What a great invention! Also, thanks to everyone for loaning your maternity clothes. I've been very careful with the loans, and very grateful. Ebay has helped supplement some other pressing needs, like, swimsuits and coats.

5. Heard from my midwife that I still have "marginal" placenta previa. That is, it's still very close to the cervix, and they need to monitor its movement...hopefully it will continue to grow backwards, away from the cervix to ensure a safe labor/delivery. I have another ultrasound scheduled for Monday. Until it's far enough away, I'm to "lay low." So, thank God for the swimming pool.

That's about it for now! We're fighting off this last cold, but....God is good, we're healthy, and it's not the worst one we've seen!


Hosanna said...

Pfffft - Come on,your house is not all that bad!!
I'd trade your walls and floors for my walls and floors any day.
When are you coming, March? Are you finally going to come see me and my remodeling/redecorating this visit?
I'd love to come up some time but there is this little thing called "job" I have to work around.... Bleh. Sucks. Besides; I don't want to come up with all that snow going on.
Sorry to hear about your 'puter -

Scot and Kristen said...

Hi Susi!! You sound so brave to me! I'm sorry, I think I've said that before! What with your pregnancy, toddler, FLAT TIRE!, computer problems, traveling extensively, finances, and husband overseas!!! ~GOD BLESS YOU!!!~ It's ok to feel a bit overwhelmed when you are overwhelmed. I pray God gives you strength for each flat tire, belly rash, computer crash, and that He will position your baby's placenta further from your cervix! May you be a support and strength to your man as you push through the difficult times apart... May you round the next turn to find the light at the end of the tunnel... love you!

Jenny said...

You know you're in our prayers and thoughts all the time...and I've still got a possible trip east for Evie and me in the back of my messed up mind;)
I'm starting to think the allergy to penecillin is hereditary! My mom had it and Evie has it, too. I haven't had to take it in a LONG time, but I wonder if I would be at this point, too (I did have a bad reaction to one once, but not hives, just horrible pain in my back!).
Can't wait to see movies of Violet dancing. That's the next thing on our list, too. Right now, Evie's playing soccer which is SO FUN!!! She had her first game last week and actually scored a goal!!! YEAH!!!
Take joy in your baby...she is something to be truly joyful about. Love you!