Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Near the End

So here are the Preg Stats:

I've gained a little less weight this pregnancy. I'm at about 26 pounds of growth at the moment. Depending on how much longer she waits to "pop out" (as Violet says), it could shoot on up towards 30. :D With Violet I was at 30 pounds. We shall see.

For all my complaining, I really do feel remarkably good for being in the last few days here. As of right now, I have 7 days till my official 40-week due date. Violet was *barely* 3 days late, so my expectations for being close to that mark are high. The only thing that bugs me, really and truly is the inability to sleep. For instance, it is 3:10 AM as I type this, and I doubt I"ll get back to sleep before dawn without some kind of sleep aid. This part is frustrating for me, since, while coping with Fibromyalgia all these years, I have learned to treat sleep like a "drug for the cure." When I don't sleep, I hurt. *sigh* I haven't had a cervical check yet, partly just to keep the Mind Games at bay....I don't wanna know if I'm 2 cm, because it'll drive me crazy to find that out and then stay there for 10 days. That's how it was with Violet. I was 2 cm for nearly 2 weeks!!

Contractions have been predictably strong starting after 2 PM most days. Nothing more than braxton-hicks, of course. No real labor pains, yet. It's funny to watch one of those suckers squeeze down on my belly, contracting so firmly around the baby that I can practically see the outline of her little bottom and knees. It's sometimes so strong that I could set a water glass down on the flat part of her back! Valerian in the evenings usually settles these contractions down to where I can relax and get to sleep. However, she seems to be one of the causes for sleeplessness for me after 2 AM. She gets to wigglin' and squirmin' and tickles me awake! She feels pretty big right now, but being this size at this stage of development has not deterred her movement in the LEAST. She is like a Tazmanian Devil in there.

Me at 38 weeks.

Ben leaves Iraq tomorrow. We heard that another ash cloud settled over Europe this past week, and Ben's "mid-way stop" is usually Ireland, one of the hardest-hit areas. We are just praying that the delay is over by the end of Wednesday, when he'll be landing there. As of now, we expect him in sometime on Friday. Violet's dance recital has dress rehearsal that day, so I'm praying that God works out some scheduling miracles surrounding his arrival.....time and place! We got her costume last Tuesday.

I can't wait to fall back in love with my husband this weekend....and experience the birth of our second daughter. All the other stuff going on surrounding his return is beginning to pale in comparison to my longings to hold his hand and look into his eyes again, and watch him hold our daughters. Violet, too, is keeping track amazingly well of how many days till his return......and keeping a mental list of things he's going to do with her when he comes back. They include eating Baby Bell cheeses together, him throwing her up to the ceiling so she can fly, sitting on the porch and blowing bubbles, swimming at the pool, reading books endlessly, singing to her at bedtime, and cuddling in bed in the mornings. Also, getting and giving kisses and Big Hugs.


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