Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I'm amazed and delighted to tell you that Ben will be arriving in Charlottesville Thursday at 4:45 PM. He will be here, Lord willing, a whole day ahead of schedule! At this point, it is a very good thing, because of the weird cramping I've been having. I awoke this morning just aching in my hips and legs, and exhausted, as if I'd been running all night long. It could be from swimming yesterday, but we will pray and wait and see what that turns out to be. In my lovely ideal world, Grace will wait a few days after Ben's arrival to get here herself, just to give us some time as a family with Violet before the wonderful upheaval.

My heart is hovering between joy and sadness, since as most of you know, dear friends of ours lost their baby girl last weekend, and then a sister to an accident just an hour later. It has been a devastating few days of coping with these losses and so strange to be mixed with the impending JOY of my husband's return and the birth of my daughter. God is a Holy God, however, and I pray that during this time of birth, death, life, extreme sadness, and extreme joy that beyond all else......He will draw near to us. In times like these, answers are not clear, words cannot express, and mostly I just want to see His face.

As always, your prayers would be greatly appreciated.

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