Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Last 5 Weeks

That title is in reference to Pregnancy. Any woman knows the last 5 weeks are the HARDEST, no matter how sick you were in the first weeks....the last 5 are the hardest to wait.

I find it interesting that the Promise of Redemption for the Human Race was finally fulfilled in the form of a pregnancy. A Divine Pregnancy. It wasn't like, a Divine Earthquake or something instantaneous. It was a 9-month, very gradual thing. Mary had to wait those last 5 weeks just like anyone.

These days, man...the waiting....the waiting is killing me!

(We're reading Luke in church these days)

An angel visited Mary; it was awesome. He appeared to her in an amazing display of Miraculous God-ness!! Direct from God on His throne, came Gabriel. He gave Mary the message, revealing that He had not forgotten about the suffering of the Human Race after all. Look! Mary! God is choosing you to help fulfill all the prophesies of the Jewish faith for hundreds of years! The world will rejoice with you at this blessed fulfillment of the promise of God! FINALLY! The Curse has been broken!

Then......the angel goes away.

Month after month goes by...........her feet swell........her stomach gets pushed aside, and she has horrible heartburn.......her nose swells.......her belly expands...the stretch marks appear........and there are still 5 blasted weeks left till this baby pops out!

Ughhhhh.'s compared to the groaning and agony of the earth awaiting its final redemption. (Romans 8:22) I remember getting to the point where I would begin to doubt the baby was EVER going to pop out. REALLY!! I know it sounds ridiculous, happens!! I know, my heart......I begin to wonder if Jesus will ever return, and wipe the rest of the tears from my eyes, heal the hurt of the curse, and bring us all Home to be reunited with our families.

The, the waiting is hard.


I was thinking about all this, and staring out the window at the unusually bright PNW sun this afternoon, and Violet said, "What's wrong, Mom?"

I said, bluntly, "I'm thinkin' about Jesus, and when He's going to come back here and take us all to Heaven."

"Oh!! Is He comin' TODAY???"

"Well.....*ahem* ....maybe He is. I don't really know. He said He's coming.....soon."

It was pretty easy for her to believe......I mean, she asks me every morning if her daddy is coming home soon today. I answer, yes....and she believes me....because he does. I should be right there with her, believing that God, even moreso than Ben, is capable of coming Right Now.

I really hope we are living in the "Last Five Weeks."


Herb of Grace said...

Me too.

Joy said...

I often feel the same way, Susi. Then I get going in every day life and forget that it's going to be AMAZING. Then I'm reminded again and can't shake the feeling that I'd love to join Him NOW. We're going through Revelation at church right now and you can only imagine how it's spurring our whole church to want to be in our eternal home! Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus!

Joy said...

Btw, just read your comment on my last post. LOL Just goes to show how often I'm on my blog these days :P
I WILL post pics of my dipes soon. I just got THE CUSTEST one of "essential saltes baby" on etsy. You should def check out that shop.