Friday, November 12, 2010

It's time for a new post

Time flies! No better way to express that than by telling how your children have grown...

Grace is very close to being able to sit up on her own. We still keep the boppy behind her, but she almost doesn't need it. She's in LOVE with food....we started her on some baby food...earlier than I'd wanted, but it seemed to help with my slow-to-keep-up milk supply during a growth spurt. She now will consume 3 jars or more at each meal. :) She is a crazy-enthusiastic learner. We began some "don't touch" training this past week, and she's already learned to obey that one! It's so precious to gain obedience from your just makes me want to give her ANYTHING SHE WANTS!! She loves to taste everything, meet new faces...(new mouths, especially, since she wants to stick her eager hands into eveyrones mouths)

Her smile is breathtaking...and we all perform for her for the benefit of it. Especially her big sister, Violet. :)

Violet began some pre kindergarten this fall. A big workbook from Costco helped out a gave me some much-needed confidence to dive into homeschooling, too. We don't know yet, if we'll always keep her home schooled, since she is such a people-lover, and would ADORE being in a classroom. :) Tonight she has her first ballet class since moving here, and we're all excited to watch that.

Violet is soaking in the company of her father. She absolutely adores him. I get to feast my eyes on the long-awaited sights of the Girls bonding with their Daddy...and I almost forget the 2 1/2 years of separation.

We returned from block leave...well.....exhausted, pretty much! Time zone changes are never worse than when you have children.....ugh. We're still, if you can believe it, unpacking. Ben brought back a trailer from Va. with a lot more of our belongings on it that had been stored at Mom's. It has filled our poor garage to nearly overflowing...and we're just now starting to let things trickle inside. It's good to have a couple more pieces of furniture, tho...the house was a bit sparse!

I'm full steam ahead with my piano studio...bringing in the kids as fast as possible. That has turned out to be a very slow pace, however, what with very low interest in the ads I've placed. I feel we as a society might be at a strange place in advertising....between newsprint ad and internet ad. No one reads newsprint anymore....but not everyone looks online for services. Still, I decided to just go ahead and create a website. Our church also offered to help out with advertising.

Yes...our church......thank GOD for the Body of Christ. He has placed us in a wonderfully flourishing church, which we both felt instantly at home in, first Sunday we were there. We went to home group this past week, too, and felt welcomed in, and right at home. Looking forward to possibly....well.......long-ish term involvement there. Praying about ways to get involved too, even with little ones.

Ben begins ALC next week. It goes through thanksgiving, but should be a "gentlemans course" where he's allowed to come home at night. After that, it's SCHOOL! I'm looking forward to that....and weighing our options for exiting the Army. We are both a little curious what Civillian life for the Forshey family would look like.

Theres so much unknown in our future....we have no idea where in the entire world we'll be...what we'll be doing.....there's just this big blank. We are going to have to totally rely on the Lord for very clear guidance.

It's a New Era.

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