Monday, February 28, 2011

Over the Weekend

I guess it was shooting a little high to expect I could post over the weekend, but I still beat myself up for not trying. ;) You're welcome.

We decided to have a traditional Saturday this week, and plan a fun outing together, shop a little, and eat out for dinner. It hasn't happened in a while, because Ben is in school, now. He tends to be "here, but not here" on the weekends. Though we're technically free to do what we want, he usually has some chapters to read, leftover from the week. Saturdays kind-of run into the weekdays, now. (Like "normal people," I'm told.)

We braved it to the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium. It was pretty awesome. We saw some of the native NW creatures in the cold, wet environment they were probably used to. By the time we left, it was--appropriately--snowing.

We saw a very cool Cuttlefish, doing its thing: (surprise ending, watch the whole thing!)

We also said hello to the walruses, and one of them came right up and said, "Hello" back to us!

We ended the day at the Tacoma Mall, where Ben collected his "reward" for being a satisfied customer with AT&T: a "microcell tower" which brings 100% bars of service to our phones when being used in our home.

We finished with supper at BJ's Brewhouse , and then shopped around for some killer deals at H&M, picked up my birthday coupon's-worth at Victoria's Secret, and made our way home by evening. It was an awesome day! And a very good excuse for not posting. :)

Sunday after church, we were invited to our pastor's home for an impromptu lunch, and ended up staying most of the afternoon with the girls, just talking, laughing, taking it easy. It was like---ALMOST like---being at home with family. I can't say how much I appreciate this church right now. It has us almost feeling like we have a real home here.

Today's agenda: making invitations to an Irish tea party for some church ladies. :)


Denise said...

Susi - I have enjoyed the more recent blog posts! I would give yourself the weekend off if it isn't coming naturally. :)

Also, the microcell towers are SO nice. Both the Wilsons and Graydons now have them. When we visited there before, our cells were virtually useless, which was a really big problem for me with work or trying to get in touch with friends! Our cell service in our home in Las Vegas is so awful, if we were planning on staying with AT&T, I think we'd get one. I only make calls upstairs now. :( Why EXACTLY did he get it???? (I want one!)

Also, the Irish tea party sounds so fun.... I wish I knew more people here. I think we have finally found a church (been there 3 times in a row). Perhaps it can start happening!

Susannah Forshey said...

We got the microcell tower for free! I think it was something to do with Verizon coming out with the iPhone....and everyone wanting to switch over to them because they have better service. So, they're trying to keep their old customers by giving them boosted service with a free microcell. :) It works great so far...though this morning, for some weird reason, it arbitrarily crashed, disconnected from my phone, and dropped my call to Ben. I'll let you know if that's a repeat problem. But, you should check with your local store & see if they're giving them out to loyal customers.

P.S. You know, some of the ppl I invited to the tea party I barely know. But, how else will you get to know people if not by welcoming them into your home? Word of advice: it would behoove you to make friends now, before your Baby Boy comes into the will need some support becoming mother of 2. DEFINITELY.

elisa said...

Dittoes to Susi's advice, Denise :)

Susi, soso glad the church situation is so much better than before!

Denise said...

Susi - Thanks to your letting us know, Jonathan researched it online, and made a formal complaint to AT&T about our horrible service and dropped calls here. They did some kind of re-boot to our service, whatnot (I immediately thought of Roy's "Did you try turning it off and on again?" from IT Crowd!). Anyway, shortly after that, we got an email with the voucher for the free microcell. I can't wait. Just yesterday my caller told me my voice was going "in and out." Ugh.

Yes, yes, you're right about meeting people. Perhaps I could do this for Elyana's gymnastics class. There's only about 5 of us mother/child combos in there.