Thursday, March 3, 2011

Growing Up

Violet's newest task this week was to learn how to load the dishwasher. I'm constantly amazed at how interested she continues to be in doing "chores." I hated chores growing up....

There's a principle in Suzuki pedagogy that says, "If the parent continues to show excitement with a child's new skill, and even after hundreds of repetitions never shows boredom or indifference, the child will continue to be as excited about and dedicated to the skill as when it was brand new." (paraphrased)

How true this is in every aspect of child-training! If I continue to praise, show interest in, and affirm her work, she wants to make it a "surprise" every time! When she puts all her clothes away in her drawers with *none* sticking out, "Close your eyes, Mom," she says, "It's a surprise!" I tell her I'm amazed and so SO pleased with how well she did. She does a happy dance, and bounces around the room. :)

So far her daily tasks include:
  • dressing herself (tights, socks, everything)
  • clearing the breakfast table & wiping it down
  • Loading the dishwasher (still with help), adding soap, starting it
  • Sorting and putting away the clean silverware
  • flossing/brushing teeth
  • setting the table for meals, including napkins
  • getting her own drinks, except milk (gallon jug)
  • sorting laundry (darks, whites)
  • giving herself a bath (except hairwash)
  • donning pajamas
  • *VERY important* Playing with Grace in the mornings till Mommy & Daddy wake up. :)
That last one was a HUGE accomplishment for us. Ben & I very much enjoy our mornings together, now that he's home for breakfast-time, and not being awakened by bouncing children at 7AM has been great!!! Violet keeps Grace occupied in their room with toys & water-bottle till about 7:45 when we get up and greet them. She is VERY good at this...we barely hear a peep from them before we're up on our own. I highly recommend this to other parents!!

I love my little precious Violet.


Herb of Grace said...

I love her too :) Tell her Aunt Lisi is SUPERPROUD of what a great grown-up girl she's turning out to be!

We do the room time in the mornings, too. It's awesome. Actually, this gives me an idea of something to blog about, since we've recently made some changes to our morning routine...

Denise said...

I love this, and the fact that delight and encouragement in our children's tasks, even the 1000th time, will help create the desire to continue to do the task.

It was a big thing for me to just have Elyana start picking up her toys. I started that here, so she was 22 months old. :) Late, I know. But still, I was so much faster, I just never gave it thought. Now, she understands, and I just have to do my part to remember to praise, praise, praise!

I don't (personally, of course!) like the morning idea, as I just loved my mornings with my baby snuggled in bed between us, nursing drowsily. But that was just what WE loved (J & I). I think your idea sounds lovely for older children especially, I would really want to teach them that so that J & I could get our own time first!!!

Polly said...

I love her too! She will rise up and call you blessed in days to come! God bless the fruit of your hands and your heart in training her up in the way she should go. I love how your giving her tools to serve cheerfully and enjoy working, developing many different talents and skills. I think you guys are really great parents--it makes me so happy to watch you love your children. :)

Lauren Valentine said...

Wow! You've inspired me Susi...

Rachel said...

The morning thing is awesome isn't it? Collin and Emma have done this for years now and now that Shepard is in the room with them, they keep him happy until finally Collin get him out of the crib to play. Some days, if Grayson is really sleeping late (and it's a weekend), they will play happy for over an hour, sometimes more!! I think they really enjoy this time too. I'm happy their doing so well with it!!