Saturday, March 5, 2011

Violet Said

I thought I might as well share the little book I've started. We began capturing things Violet said over the last week, and have quite a few started up already. (Some Ben wrote, some I wrote.)


25 Feb 11

Me: I want to eat your ears.

Violet: No, you hassta eat food!

Me: But your ears are so tasty! And they're nice and cold.

Violet: But---Dey're not sup-PO-sed to be cold!

"I don't like those pants because they are so long. And I am so short. My skin is so short. LIke the saggy baggy elephant. I'm so wrinkled!"

26 Feb 11

Violet, overheard playing many characters in the closet: "You don’t know everyssing. Yes, I do! You’re not GOD! Yes, I know everyssing, like GOD! You’re NOT de bess mother in the werd. So--GUBYE!"

"Do you know!! that my Momma said I could roll my pants up in the store.....cuz dey were seven dollars!" (they were seven dollars....I don't know how she knew that...)

(She was hoarse from being sick) “I have a.......a.........bran' new voice!

28 Feb 11

“Mommy, do you love your churdren?” Yes, I do love my 2 girls very much!” “Will you love your two boys when dey come?”

2 Mar 11

Sobbed: “Daddy, you happiness.” upon receiving a spanking.

“I open cookies cuz dey’re yum inside!” upon getting two Oreos.

“Wow, you look a little stupid. Mommy, you look a little stupid and a little pretty.” upon seeing Susi dressed up in spandex to go running.

3 Mar 11

“Daddy, when you were sleeping, you put stinky breath in my air.” after spending the night with me (on the same pillow) because of a bad dream.

“Mommy, do you know girls have to match and boys have to match?” (The reason we have to have 2 more brothers for her.)

“You don’ like diss one, do you mom? You hate dis one. Becuz you has to be still.” while I was doing the plank during morning exercise.

5 March 11

During prayer time this morning: "Please hep my mommy not to be grouchy when she's exu-sizin' "

I told her I was too busy to listen: “The truth is, I just can’t concentrate on what you’re saying...” Violet: “ *sigh* Aright, enough truff.”


Herb of Grace said...

ROFLMAO!! Especially :Alright, enuff truff" SOO TRUE. I have days like that, too...

Denise said...

I am dieing here!!!!!!!! Some of these are SO hilarious!!!! Especially the prayer about you not being grouchy when exercising!!! :)

Elyana has started funny sayings too, and this reminds me I need to write them down!

Susannah Forshey said...

Denise!! I know you know about the exercising one!! I tend to get a little snappy when she wants to climb on me during push-up planks. Or starts rolling my dumbbells away with her feet when I'm about to do squats.

Denise said...

Don't worry Susi, I absolutely understand/relate about the exercising one! I do mountain climbers or push-ups and when Elyana would try to get in my way, or step on me... UGH. Especially when you've gone a few sets already!!! I just love how Violet phrased it.

I was really irritated the other day about dropping something and a terrible day at work, and I needed to GET OUT of the house. I said out loud, "Let's go, baby, Momma's really cranky." To which Elyana replied, "No, Mommy sweet." She doesn't like when I identify her crankiness, and apparently she thought it wasn't nice for me to say about myself.