Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I found a VERY interesting article from Food & Wine magazine on Lard, the rejected fat. I just want to know, though.....do any of you use it? Would you after reading this article? I have looked for it in my grocery store, and can only find the partially hydrogenated kind. Once I tried rendering it myself, but my pot is not heavy enough, and overheated it much too quickly. I ended up with smoky, pork-flavored grease, and some delicious pork cracklings. Too bad. :(


Herb of Grace said...

I have nothing intelligent to say on the matter, but I found it impossible to pass up the chance to comment on the fact that you have a blog post titled, "Lard"



And my word verification? Is "rearous"


Laurie B. said...

Hey Lisi, can you do me a favor and say "my short leg" ?? Thanks! :-)

Susannah Forshey said...

Wahahhahaaa!! I had to explain all this to Ben, by the way. Hey, Lis, did you have any WINE before you posted all this???

Denise said...

Considering how little cooking I do with fats, no this wouldn't change what I do. When I want the flavor of butter, I use that, but otherwise it's olive oil.

While lard contains 40% saturated fat, olive oil is only 14%!!! Why would I switch to lard then?

I think I deep fry once a year. So it's not worth it for me.

I have cooked duck a few times in my life, and the recipes always have you rendering the fat from it. On Iron Chef America they do that with goose too. Both fatty birds. Then you sautee veggies for the sauce in it, and it's interesting. It's always worked very easily.

That said, very interesting article.

Herb of Grace said...

Beer, actually, since you asked.

I don't know what you're referring to, Laurie. I no longer have a short leg. :P