Saturday, April 16, 2011

Quick Takes

We've been doing a lot of talking and praying lately......and......

1. We decided we're going to be staying in
2. We are looking for a small lot in Lacey, WA (suburbs of Olympia) on which to build a home. (Ben's contract ends in April, 2010. We have one more year of paychecks, so we decided to start home-shopping now, before he faces a period of unemployment)
3. We will be building a house there. :)
4. We are selling our van to give us some capital to accomplish all of the above. ($14500, in case you're interested)
5. Ben is still in school, finishing up his second set of courses.
6. We quit Violet's ballet, because of her lack of ability to respect her (albeit not-very-good) teacher.
7. We are hoping to get her into some sports soon....perhaps soccer.
8. Grace is crawling
9. I sewed an entire dress for Violet....and it is FINISHED.
10. I am still teaching 4 students, and no more have signed on. There is still very little interest out here "in the country."
11. The new home plan we settled on has an office in the front of the house, which will become the piano studio. I cannot WAIT to get comfy in that room and start up a studio for real. My goal is about 10 hours a week, totaling 20 students. :)
12. The frenzy of planning has taken its toll on our family. I need to spend a lot of time in prayer to not become overwhelmed with this decision and all it means.

We would appreciate all your prayers.

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Diane said...

joining you in prayer...p.s. keep in mind that I am related to a great ballet teacher (who herself did not start lessons until she was 9 years old...)