Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Violetisms for Today

It started out as an inspiring conversation about forgiveness. 

She said, "Mommy, I'm sorry. I really didn't mean to do that." 

I said, "I forgive you." 

She said, "You always forgive me. You always hassto forgive me. We always hassto forgive people." 

I said, "Yes, do you know why?" 


"Because God forgave us. We forgive people because God forgave us." 

That's when it went off track. "I know dat.      I don’t know everysing........I know addigators. I never seen addigators....I don’t know their names.            Maybe one is named Francis."

Then it made another hairpin turn.

She looked at her feet.
"I always have sandals on. Like Jesus."


Laura said...

that is an awesome conversation. Made my day! Thanks for sharing :-)

Polly said...

Tell her I know a man who has a six foot addigator in his house! Really. He also wears a skirt and lipstick...

Polly said...

Okay maybe don't tell her that last bit. That might be a bit hard to explain. :P

Herb of Grace said...

What I want to know is WHO?? POLLY?? Who is this man, and how the Heck do you know him???

Also, rflmao at Violet :)

Polly said...

Hehe, well you find some strange characters at a contra dance sometimes. Bruce is one of them--he must be a very bound-up person inside! Apparently he worked with alligators a lot through organizations before getting his own... I admit it is very strange rubbing shoulders with some of the weird ones--I just ask the Lord for grace to treat them with honor as fellow sinners in desperate need of grace. And I don't go alone. :) In fact I'm not sure if I'm going back anyway, after four times, I'm a little sick of some of the weirdness, even if it is fantastic dancing...

Nguyen Dung said...

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